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(0.14mm-0.8mm) Aluminum Zinc Alloy Coated Steel Sheet i…

Model NO.: Thickness: 0.14-0.8mm Width: 600-1250mm Stock: Not Stock Thickness: 0.14mm-0.8mm -----

High Quality Anti Rust Spray Lubricant

Model NO.: TE-60 Source: Liq-----

Friction welding method, unchanged or increased pressur…

Under the action of pressure, the relative motion between the welding contact end faces is used to generate frictional heat and deformation heat at and around the friction surface under constant or increased pressure and torque. The range is close to but generally lower than the melting point, the-----

Rectangular Pre Galvanized Steel Tube

Model NO.: 30x60x1.7mm x 6000mm Dimension(Mm): 30X60mm Wall Thickness: 1.7mm -----

40 W Electronic Siren for Lightbar (CJB-04034)

Model NO.: CJB-04034 Current: ≤ 16A Power: 80W -----

Multiple Color Pearlescent Pigment Powder for Eye Shado…

Model NO.: OCROWN 10425 Composition: Mica/TiO2 Yellow Pigments: Iron Oxide Yellow -----

6 common problems when cleaning fasteners, how many hav…

In order for the fastener to function better, it requires regular maintenance during use. Regularly cleaning the fasteners will increase the efficiency of the fasteners. However, when cleaning fasteners, we often find some problems, including six common problems. First, pollution oc-----