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Corn has white seedlings to supplement zinc most effect…

From the 4th leaf stage, the leaf color of the base of the new leaves became yellowish white; in the 5-6 leaf stage, the yellowish and pale green stripes appeared in the 1st to 3rd leaves under the heart leaf, but the veins were still green and the base appeared. Purple streaks; after 10 to 15 days-----

Large mowing robot was born, saving time and money

The use of robots has slowly penetrated into the vegetable growing industry, but so far most of them are small machines, and they have not been able to cope with the severe test of large-scale work. For this issue, the French-based NAIO Technologies has its own answer. The co-----

Four Things to Know Before Selecting "Half-Package…

The first concept must first find out a few forms of decoration, clean package, half a pack, and now the mainstream ready all-inclusive concept. Everything has its two or more sides, its advantages or disadvantages, good or bad. Clearing is very economical, all-inclusive is labor-saving, half-pack-----

Linyi Heze universal coating machine works

The 21st century is the world of technology and wisdom. The work done by hundreds of individuals in the past can now be completed with only one machine and one employee. Therefore, we must constantly learn to touch new things. In this highly efficient society, many machines have replaced The traditi-----

What you need to know before looking for a decoration c…

Looking for a decoration company, everyone's first requirement is to do a living? Everyone will think of this, and in the process of initial measurement communication, they feel that they can understand their own ideas and can reach their initial budget or design. Basically, they can decide. A-----

How to prevent pests of Pleurotus ostreatus

Miscellaneous bacteria that harm Pleurotus ostreatus: mainly green mold, mucor, aspergillus, rhizopus, bacteria, viral diseases, bacterial brown spot, yellow spot disease, etc., how to prevent and cure Pleurotus ostreatus and yellow spot disease is briefly introduced as follows: Green mold is the -----

Guangdong three-in-one feeder manufacturer numerical co…

Press CNC feeding machine is the electromechanical " target=_blank> electromechanical integration active equipment, is a special auxiliary machine that can be matched with ordinary punching machine, deep throat punching machine or gantry punching machine. Guangdong three-in-one feeder mach-----