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The main method of avoiding collision of CNC radial dri…

Core Tip: CNC radial drilling machine is expensive. If the programming and operation are inadvertent, if the collision occurs, the consequences are very serious. For this reason, the operation of the CNC rocker drilling machine must be very strict and meticulous. The followin-----

Cabinet valuation method cabinet valuation tricky

When we choose cabinets, we usually look at the brands, but we do not know if they have noticed how their cabinet prices are calculated. Cabinet hardware accessories, size, plate is really the original accessories? Today Xiao Bian takes you to see how the cabinet pricing method and cabinet prices -----

The difference between murals and wallpapers

The difference between murals and wallpapers: 1. The murals and wallpapers are two concepts. A mural is a custom-made pattern. It is made according to the actual size of the wall, and the wallpaper is a regular pattern; so the mural is usually used for partial posting. 2. The mural can h-----

Analysis of fracture causes of φ400mm drive roller

The φ400mm driving roller breaks during use, and the failure analysis is carried out by various methods such as macroscopic inspection, chemical analysis, mechanical property testing, metallographic analysis, etc. It is preliminarily believed that the main fracture causes the coarseness of the -----

Smart community Nanchang commissioning

The city is the product of the development of human civilization. The community is its most basic component. The community serves as the carrier for the survival and development of urban residents, and its wisdom is a concentrated expression of the level of urban intelligence. The function-----

Teach you how to quickly identify the true and false bi…

Bio-pesticide has been widely promoted by the country, but it has also been exploited by many businesses. The production of counterfeit and shoddy products has been shoddy, and it has started a profitable business. How to quickly identify the true and false bio-pesticide? Pest-----

Jin Yubin speaks for Mercury Home Textiles

On September 24th, 2014, Jin Yubin appeared in Kunshan, Jiangsu, to attend the spokesperson of Mercury Home Textile, the leading brand of home textiles. At the event, Jin Yubin showed warmth and masculinity. He always had a sunny and warm smile. He was easygoing and let the fa-----