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Analysis: Classification of new building waterproof mat…

China's new building waterproof materials are generally divided into six categories, namely: high polymer modified asphalt waterproofing membrane, synthetic polymer waterproofing membrane, building waterproof coating, building sealing material, rigid waterproof and plugging waterstop mater-----

Biaxially oriented film production equipment and proces…

The production equipment and process of biaxially stretched film are as follows, taking polyester (PET) as an example: Ingredients and blends The raw materials used in ordinary polyester films are mainly light PET chips and masterbatch chips. The masterbatch slice refers to the PET slice containi-----

PV Power Plant Investment Economics and Social Benefits

Solar energy is a kind of clean and renewable energy. The effective use and vigorous development of solar energy has a positive effect on alleviating the global energy demand and solving the exhaustion of non-renewable energy sources. According to the domesti-----

Scientists say that the development of quantum physics …

According to media reports, Mart Groscher, head of the quantum material group at the new Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge, England, said that the development of quantum physics may bring about changing the face of the industry, ranging from electric passenger aircraft to labo-----

What are the requirements for a high-performance exhaus…

Most common household kitchens use fume hoods for fume exhaustion, but kitchen kitchen hoods, which have too much fume, are not able to meet the requirements of fume exhaust. Therefore, these kitchens are generally used. Large exhaust smoke exhaust fan. And if a smoke exhaust fan wants to satisfy th-----

Application range and characteristics of electric tools

A wide variety of power tools, the world's power tools have grown to nearly 500 varieties. Three major features: 1) Lightweight structure, easy to carry and use. 2) Compared with manual tools, labor productivity can be increased several times to several times; 3) More efficient tha-----

What are the three major categories of wire and cable?

What are the three major categories of wire and cable? 1. The wire and cable products used in the power system of the power system mainly include overhead bare wires, bus bars (bus bars), power cables (plastic cables, oil-paper cables (substituted by plastic power cables), rubber sleeve cables, an-----