Bathroom waterproof paint and waterproof wallpaper to use

The stereotyped bathroom wall material can no longer meet the individual needs. The emergence of waterproof coatings and waterproof wallpapers has provided a new opportunity for the “changing face” of the bathroom space. Waterproof wall paint is fo

Qi Family Classroom: Seven Steps for Wall-Mounted Toilet Installation

The traditional bathroom decoration is always subject to the preset toilet position, and it is sometimes unavoidable that the toilet arrangement is flawed due to the toilet position. The wall-hung toilets can be planned according to their own ideas, redefining the spatial pattern through a fal

Home-style high quality security doors to buy several essential elements

A good security door is the protector of life and property. Anti-theft door has a flat open, push-pull, folding, fence and other structural forms, the family is mainly used flat open. When purchasing, focus on the five factors of anti-theft performance and quality:

Domestic new materials industry will enter the "fast road"

One word to describe the current new material industry is "hot."

Not only are new material companies popular with venture capital firms, but the new materials sector has also become a new favorite in the capital market. Shenzhen, an energy

Decorative hardware follows the trend of home decoration industry

As the development of home decoration industry hardware decorative industry is also moving with the trend, the current home hardware is more to emphasize his mechanical properties, rust, moving parts, moisture resistance and other fatigue properties. In today&

Qingdao Hansen wood furniture formaldehyde exceeded

Yesterday, the Shandong Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision announced on the official website a batch of results of special supervision and inspection products in the fourth quarter of last year, including household consumer solar home heaters, refrigerat

How to identify whether the laser welding machine parameters are advanced

In this market in China, more and more manufacturers of laser welding machines are produced. There are also many small companies and individuals who do not have technical content to assemble some laser welding machines with unqualified quality for the immediate benefit of the poor. Low prices o

Wheat expert Zhang Pingzhi teaches winter field management tips

For the seedlings of wheat in Yinan County, Anhui Province: (1) The amount of seedlings is large, and the basic seedlings are more. More than 40% of the land use in the county is about 15 kilograms, and some fields use more than 20 kilograms. The average seedling average is 234,000, which i