Children's home market develops creative marketing

Businessmen who are good at capturing business opportunities hit the "children's card" to develop the market. Or join hands with CCTV's well-known children's programs to solicit children's paintings, or introduce well-known cartoon animation images into children's

How to identify possible chemical or biological terrorist attacks

Under what circumstances may a chemical or biological terrorist attack occur? The Anti-Terrorism Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security issued the "Citizens' Handbook for Preventing Terrorist Attacks" to give answers.

A chemical terrorist atta

Proper use of lights to ensure safety

Car lights are the "eyes" of cars. Commonly used night lights, fog lights, curve lights used for arc lighting when turning, as well as brake lights, tail lights, reverse lights and license plate lights at the rear of the car, etc. . Although the lamp also has

Do n’t forget personal security

A few days ago, in the city ’s Intermediate People ’s Court, a gang of six people was murdered. Among the eight people killed, three of the victims were criminals who swindled and seized their property through online chat. After the trial of the case, the

The situation of the Austrian furniture industry is grim

According to a poll by the Austrian Economic Research Institute (Wifo), most companies in the furniture industry predicted that annual profits would decline as early as the end of 2008. Since 2006, the number of reservations that have been growing at a super-level has now undergone a very majo

Talk about the renovations that make you regret!

Many owners talked about the amount of renovations when they talked about renovations. It's presumptuous that there were no stupid things when they were renovating. For example, some homeowners felt that there was not enough indoor lighting, and they arbitrarily decided to make a hole

Brand ecological wood ceiling ecological wood ceiling please

With the concept of environmental protection continuing to penetrate the hearts of people, the environmental protection of various items of materials in home life has become an important area for us to consider. Therefore, in the renovation, many owners chose ecological wood ceilings. So i