Jin Yubin speaks for Mercury Home Textiles

On September 24th, 2014, Jin Yubin appeared in Kunshan, Jiangsu, to attend the spokesperson of Mercury Home Textile, the leading brand of home textiles. At the event, Jin Yubin showed warmth and masculinity. He always had a sunny and war

Three precautions for mixing pesticides with foliar fertilizers

In order to improve work efficiency, many people use pesticides together with foliar fertilizers . It is easy to cause phytotoxicity and other diseases will occur. Of course, it is not said that pesticides and foliar fertilizers cannot be

New process of oil cooling pump for carburizing production line

Our company's heat treatment carburizing production line was introduced from Germany in 1995. The production line is double-row push rod type, the quenching oil tank is closed type, and the oil tank temperature has two-way temperature control. When the temperature is raised, it is rea

Constellation home design Gemini

Each constellation should have its own design, so today's Shanghai Home Network Xiaobian will bring everyone to listen to the chief design supervisor of Oshennas Soft--Mr. Tian Yu has a high opinion on Gemini's home design!…

Talking about the operation of dual power switch

Dual power switches (referred to as dual power supplies) are mainly composed of molded case circuit breaker (CB class) or isolating switch (PC class) components. The purpose of the dual power automatic transfer switch is, in simple terms, all the way to use one standby. When t

Wardrobe order three major ways and disadvantages PK

Wardrobes are a must-have for every family, not just a few cabinets. Custom wardrobes, purchase of finished wardrobes, woodworking wardrobes are currently the most common three wardrobe ordering models on the furniture market. Consumers need to be aware of the differen

Beautiful home decorated lace fruit plate

Using environmentally friendly and non-toxic glutinous rice paste to shape the shape of a piece of crocheted cloth, the shape of the fresh three-dimensional design puts aside the complexity of the design,