Calcium fertilizer should be applied in moderation

In recent years, umbilical rot caused by calcium deficiency has jeopardized vegetables, so many vegetable farmers have increased the amount of calcium fertilizer applied. Coupled with many dealers have repeatedly misled the vegetable farmers: calcium fertilizer must be applied when the app

The status quo and future development of the world machine tool industry

The development of the world machine tool industry is closely related to the economic status of countries and the investment in fixed assets. If the economy is booming and investment in fixed assets is large, the demand for machine tools will increase, and the technical level will be high, a

Tool market promotes new technology, nanotechnology is leading the way

The rise of global raw materials and the increasing number of global competitors, creating value for customers with high-quality products and excellent services has become the key to competition. For this reason, tool manufacturers are also actively developing for themselves and for the prog

Skillful CAD Tutorial: Parting Surface of Zhongwang 3D Mould

Zhongwang 3D is another masterpiece of Guangzhou Zhongwang Longteng Software Co., Ltd. Continued Zhongwang CAD platform software. Zhongwang 3D is a very powerful CAD/CAM software. It is able to master Zhongwang 3D skillfully and greatly improve the efficiency of CAD design work. Today, I wi

Centennial brand casts the leading company of abrasives and abrasives

Along with the new requirements of machine tools in various user industries in recent years, Saint-Gobain, the world leader in abrasives industry, continues to innovate to consolidate its leading position in the industry. In 2010, Saint-Gobain's Norton brand also ushered in its 125th bir