Learn lessons to avoid common home improvement regrets

In spite of the efforts made during the renovation, the decoration often leaves regrets. Our decoration is not perfect, these regrets, sometimes affect the home life, make life not very convenient, Xiaobian for everyone today 8 points that are easy to miss when finishing the decoration, ho

How can I make good use of the bedroom space?

After a busy day, if you can return to the well-planned bedroom, you will feel comfortable and comfortable, just because the bedroom is like a refuge, to accommodate you who are tired and returning. A well-planned, well-organized bedroom, in addition to keeping everyth

Slewing bearing mounting slewing bearing

Do you know what a slewing bearing is? The slewing bearing is a large-sized bearing with a special structure capable of simultaneously supporting a large axial load, a radial load, and an overturning moment, and a combination of functions such as support, rotation, transmi

Is the water you drink safe? How far is healthy drinking water from us?

With the rapid development of the economy, people’s material living standards have been greatly improved and their lives have become more comfortable. But at the same time, with the extensive economic growth, the environment we live in is also deteriorating. In particular, with rega

IntLock recyclable electronic seals

Hangzhou Tuchuan Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in vehicle refinement management and research and development of intelligent logistics products. It h

Real-time adjustable plasma laser

A joint research team composed of Northwestern University and Duke University used liquid laser gain materials to successfully develop real-time adjustable plasma lasers. The study was published in the recently published Nature Communications magazine

Paint purchase 19

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Lathe processing is an electromechanical "target=_blank> mechatronics processing equipment. After half a century of turning, CNC machine tools have become an important symbol of modern manufacturing. In China's manufacturing industry, the application of CNC mach

Stamping equipment safety technology

Small-volume, multi-variety stamping production is currently difficult to automate. The proper way is to use tools that are safe, labor intensive, and easy to use. At the same time, it is also possible to reform the positioning, ejection, and cleaning of the mold to make th

Cold bend

Cold-bending in the United States, 椐 related survey data show that the amount of cold-formed rectangular tube and hot-rolled H-shaped steel in the construction industry is about 1:1, in the 1990s, the proportion of cold-formed steel used in construction steel structure

Mold original design

It is best to consider the following items for the selection of standard specifications for molds: (A). When the specifications of the specifications are not limited, it is best to use the highest level. (B). Standard numbers are used in principle. (C). If the mold standard