Is TPU plastic or rubber? What is the difference between TPU and rubber?

In recent years, the application fields of TPU have become more and more extensive. Some new users have confused rubber and TPU materials, and do not know whether TPU is plastic or rubber. In terms of terminology, TPU is not plastic or rubber. TPU is a short name for thermoplas

NVC installation of NVC lighting features

Since its establishment in 1998, NVC has maintained high growth, through its own research and development system, and carried out continuous innovation campaigns to provide the public with an energy-saving, healthy and comfortable artificial lighting environment. There are many lighting fi

Roofing waterproofing practices Roofing precautions

The roof is the outermost protective member of the building, which is mainly used to resist any unfavorable phenomena such as wind, thunder and lightning, and to ensure that the building can be sturdy and durable. Among them, waterproof is the most important aspect of the roof construction

Who is the credit for premature overdraft smart door locks?

The arrival of the smart home era has brought unlimited business opportunities to Chinese companies' special anti-theft smart lock enterprises. Many brands have emerged in the past year, and the market products have become more abundant. However, it was accompanied by the fact that the mark

Home lighting switch purchase home lighting switch main function

At present, there are various types of household lighting switches on the market, which are mixed, and make consumers feel at a loss when they choose to buy. Home lighting switches are not only a kind of home decoration functional products, but also the main components of safe electricity,

How to choose a family dining table and chairs

The restaurant is the furniture we need to eat, and it is also the place where we talk and gather, so that the family can consolidate their feelings while eating. In the dining room, the main furniture is the dining table. An exquisite and beau

Maintenance and maintenance of high efficiency filters

Air filter maintenance is a big expense in the clean maintenance of clean rooms and various clean workshops, but air cleanliness is necessary. For efficient environmental protection, high efficiency filter maintenance and high efficiency air What is the standard for fi