Kitchen appliance classification

Kitchen appliances are divided into five categories: food preparation, preparation, cooking, storage and kitchen hygiene. According to the installation method, they can be divided into three types: indepe

Elm furniture is widely used

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Anti-theft security door purchase knowledge

3 ways to correctly identify and purchase anti-theft security doors:

1. Visual inspection: The thickness of the steel plate of the anti-theft security door frame is more than two millimeters, the

Pesticide use principle

For a long time, people have relied on a large number of pesticides to control harmful organisms. The first pollution of the ecological environment and agricultural products such as the atmosphere, waters and soils, especially the pesticides in the first sector,

Wire Rope Wire Rope Design Requirements for Electric Hoist

1. Wire ropes for electric hoists should use wire contact wire ropes preferentially. Its structure type should conform to the rope 18×7 and rope 6×37 in GB/T8918, and its nominal tensile strength should be no less than 1570 MPa.
2. The wire rope should be arranged in order on the r

Use of dimming glass

The dimming glass is formed by laminating a layer of liquid crystal film (commonly known as a dimming film) between two layers of glass, and then bonding through high temperature and high pressure. In add

Advantages of biological pesticides

Compared with chemical pesticides, biological pesticides have many essential differences in their active ingredient sources, industrial production routes, insecticidal and disease-preventing mechanisms and modes of action. The advantages of biol

Magic bean planting skills

The magic bean is red bean, which is a perennial leguminous entwined herbaceous vine. The vine is 3-5 meters long and has three leaves. Each new shoot grows new branches, and the growth is strong, the flo

How to distinguish jack true and false

There are many kinds of jacks, which can be divided into several types according to the organizational structure at room temperature:
1. Austenitic type: such as 304, 321, 316, 310, etc.;
2. Martensitic or ferritic type: such as 430, 420, 410, etc.;

The austenite type is eith

Global PV News Wraps Up

Global PV News Wraps Up In the past 2012, although the legendary time did not come, it seemed to be reflected in the photovoltaic industry. In 2012, the photovoltaic industry undoubtedly en