Trough and Tower Photothermal Generation Technology Analysis

The design of the solar thermal power station mainly considers the proportion SM of the solar thermal collector field and the rated capacity of the generator and the length of the energy storage time. Increasing the energy storage capacity can reduce the unit cost of electricity, mainly b

The 4 most easily overlooked home feng shui taboo

Home feng shui is part of feng shui research. Its research object is human and environment. The study of home feng shui is to make the two blend, suitable, and coincident. It can carry out detailed analysis and observation of the external environment and indoor environment of the home. People

Vitamin-rich feed preparation method

In addition to corn, sorghum, bean cake and other carbohydrates, protein feed and high-quality forage, it is best to make some supplements with high sugar content and rich in vitamins for feeding. The fattening effect will be better. . 1. Germinated feed. Principle and production method: Af

Yu Diamond: Approved to issue 500 million yuan short-term financing bill

February 20th Yu Diamond (300064) announced on Thursday that the company's application for issuing short-term financing bonds was approved by the China Association of Interbank Market Dealers.

The registered amount of the short-term financing bill is RMB 500 million. The registrati