The mahogany furniture market is crowded, do you still jump?

With the development of economy and society in recent years, Chinese mahogany furniture with traditional cultural characteristics has been recognized and loved by more and more people. The rapid growth of demand for mahogany furniture has directly promoted the rapid ex

Old-for-new pilot, where did the old furniture go for a month?

5% of the old furniture can be reused, 95% of which are dismantled and shipped to environmental protection companies - as of tomorrow, the one-month old-for-new pilot pilot led by the Commerce Commission will officially end.
People have already felt that trade-in brin

What are the new and old problems in the furniture industry?

In recent years, the quality of furniture has gradually become a hot spot for consumers' complaints, and the scope of complaints has not only been limited to the old problem of excessive formaldehyde. Nowadays, quality furniture problems are emerging in the market,

Furniture price war started in the store promotion PK online store

In recent years, with the development of online shopping, home improvement building materials have entered the era of online shopping. Up to furniture, electrical appliances, small to decorative, hardware accessories, home improvement products in the online store can be de