What is the flower of Man Zhushahua?

Lycoris radiata, a perennial herb. Spherical bulbs underground, outsourcing dark brown membranous scales. The ribbons are narrow and dark green in color. They were drawn from the base and came into late fall and fell into early summer. When the flowers are open, they cannot see the leaves. When there are leaves, they cannot see the flowers. The leaves do not meet each other. This kind of flower often grows in the stone crevices and graves in the field, so some people say it is "flowers on the road on the Yellow Spring." What is the mandarin flower language ?

Manzhushahua's Flower Language

Man Zhushahua, which means that the flower opened in the underworld. It is in full bloom in July of the lunar calendar, longer than summer, but it is in the fall, and it is also called "the other shore" because of the spring and autumnal hours. Therefore, it is also known as the other shore flower, also known as the End of the World flower, and the flower of the house.

Bana, the devil's gentle. According to legend, the flowers that were voluntarily devoted to hell were sent back by the devils, but they still lingered on Huang Quan Road. The demon could not bear it. He agreed to let her open on this road and give guidance and comfort to the souls who left the world.

The origin of Bana flowers

"Moscow Man Zhushahua" originally intended to be the flower of the sky, the big red flower, and one of the four signs of heaven. The Buddhist scriptures also said that Man Zhushahua (Mansart Shava) is a flower that blooms in the sky. It is white and soft. Seeing this flower, evil removes itself. In the Buddhist language, 荼蘼 荼蘼 is the flower that blooms in the final season of the flower season. When you open flowers, you only have flowers that you left behind in the past. As the "falling shore" blooms, it is called "the other shore."

Related stories

The Bana spends one thousand years and falls for a thousand years. Mosaic never sees each other. According to legend, a long time ago, the edge of a city was full of large areas of Man Zhushahua, which is also known as the Bana. Its floral fragrance has a magical power that can remind people of their past lives. Guardian Bianhua is the two fairies, one is the flower demon called Man Zhu, and the other is the Leaf Demon called Sha Hua.

They had waited for thousands of miles of the Bana, but they had never met before. Because they had no leaves when they bloomed, they had no flowers when they had leaves, and flowers and leaves never appeared at the same time. They frantically miss each other and are afflicted by this pain. Finally, one day, they decided to sneak a visit in violation of God's regulations. That year's mandala came in brilliantly green with dazzling green colors, which made it particularly beautiful and beautiful.

It is also expected that the sin will be blamed. Both Man Zhu and Sha Hua were sent into reincarnation, and the cursed can never be together. The lives of men and women are hard to come by. From then on, Man Zhu Shahua also called Banaue, which means to open flowers in heaven. The flowers are shaped like a palm that only prays to Heaven, but no longer appear in this city. This kind of flower is on Huangquan Road. Man Zhu and Shahua each smelled the smell of the other side of the flower on Huang Quan Road and could remember the past life. Then they vowed not to separate and fell into the cursed cycle again.

Information on Manjusahua's flower language has been introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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