Hangzhou's first substation intelligent inspection robot put into use

On February 12th, the inspection robot carried out daily inspections in the substation. It acts along the underground magnetic field lines as a travel route, and can automatically collect various operational data of the substation around the clock, and can also automatically charge.
On the same day, Hangzhou's first fully automatic substation intelligent inspection robot was officially put into use in the 220 kV substation in Yuhang District, Hangzhou. The main responsibility of the robot was to replace the operating personnel to carry out inspection work.

The traditional inspection method of the substation relies on the infrared measurement of human equipment, which brings certain difficulties to the work. With the intelligent inspection robot, not only the detection equipment is accurate, but also the patrol data can be recorded, which greatly reduces the working intensity of the operators.

According to reports, the main body of the robot consists of a control system, dual-view pan/tilt, radar collision avoidance, battery power supply, independent drive and navigation positioning and other auxiliary equipment, which can realize all-weather self-patrol of the environment, equipment, personnel and roads in the substation. Inspection and autonomous charging make it possible to unattended substations.
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