What are the differences between stone carvings in Chinese and Western countries?

As an art, stone carving has developed very rapidly in today's culture after being baptized by history. However, China's stone carvings and Western stone carvings are vastly different. Because of the differences in culture and history, the development history and artistic style of stone carvings are only a big gap between China and the West. So in the Chinese and Western cultures, what are the stone carvings? What is the difference?

First, the public's understanding of stone carving, in the Western countries, the people engaged in the stone carving industry are mostly a group of artists with artistic cells, their pursuit of beauty is constantly innovating, but in China, many people engaged in stone carving are mostly stonemasons. Their social status is low and there is no pursuit of beauty.

Secondly, in practice, although the stone carving craftsmen of the Western and Western countries are very similar in form of creation, the social responsibilities they shoulder each other are very different, and their status in society is different, which will affect The final artistic display and realization of stone carving and the objects to be displayed.

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