The main method of avoiding collision of CNC radial drilling machine

Core Tip: CNC radial drilling machine is expensive. If the programming and operation are inadvertent, if the collision occurs, the consequences are very serious. For this reason, the operation of the CNC rocker drilling machine must be very strict and meticulous.

The following describes the causes of collisions in CNC radial drilling machines and the main methods to avoid collisions.

1. Is there a value beyond the jaw size in the CNC radial drilling machine inspection program?

Program the zero point to the jaw end face size. If the Z negative value exceeds 50mm in the programming process, such as the car and the jaw collide imm. Therefore, after the programming is completed, it is necessary to carefully check whether all axial dimensions Z exceed 50 mm.

2. CNC rocker drilling machine programming zero setting error

The zero point of the CNC radial drilling machine is the basis for determining the workpiece size in programming. If there is an error in the programming zero, the probability of a collision is very high. G54 is mistakenly written as or C58. According to the regulations, the two offset sizes from the same group, the last called offset size is valid. CNC radial drilling machine is the same group as G57 or G58 and G92 (equivalent to G59), so the zero offset is only valid for G92, that is, the zero offset is only 3.8mm away from the claw. In programming, the axial dimension Z is less than -38mm. There must be a collision between the turning tool and the claw. The correct program should be NOOOOG54270, the wrong program is: NOOOOG57 (or G58) 092270.

3. Use the radial drilling machine to run empty and check if the turning tool collides with the jaws.

After entering the radial drilling machine, you can open the chuck jaws and move the knife holder away from the chuck. The radial drilling machine performs automatic circulation and dry running to observe whether the turning tool will interfere with the jaws. If there is interference, stop immediately and check the coordinate value of the program. After the CNC radial drilling machine is modified, the test is performed.

4. Whether there is a possibility of collision between the turning tool and the workpiece in the c00 coordinate value in the CNC radial drilling machine inspection program

In the CNC radial drilling machine program, GOO is a fast positioning, and the turning tool moves at the fastest speed of the machine tool. If the CNC radial drilling machine is improperly programmed and collides with the workpiece, the consequences are extremely serious. For this reason, the coordinate values ​​after GOO should be repeatedly checked to make sure that the turning tool does not collide with the workpiece or the chuck.

5. Due to the special shape of the workpiece, improper programming, collision

The turning of the groove has been completed, and it is necessary to quickly return to the diameter of 80mm and 50mm from the end face. If the N0050COIX80250 is used, the turning tool will collide with the parts step because the turning tool is slanted.

The correct procedure is:



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Label: The main method of CNC radial drilling machine to avoid collision

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