Cabinet valuation method cabinet valuation tricky

When we choose cabinets, we usually look at the brands, but we do not know if they have noticed how their cabinet prices are calculated. Cabinet hardware accessories, size, plate is really the original accessories? Today Xiao Bian takes you to see how the cabinet pricing method and cabinet prices are tricky.

First, Yan meters pricing:

Yanmi is the most commonly used pricing method for cabinets. The “Yanmi” unit of measurement is generally used to count the amount of irregular strip or linear engineering. In the furniture market, it is generally used in cabinets. For example, a set of cabinets includes a one-meter-long console and a one-meter-long wall cabinet. Although you see the separate price of the upper and lower parts, the price that a manufacturer normally tells you is a vertical meter. Both are included.

Price traps:

When selecting cabinets, the most commonly seen is the “XXX Yuan/Yanmi” price, and some prices seem very exciting, but it should be noted that many times, this is just the basic price of the cabinet. The following are some of the situations that consumers often encounter. Readers should be careful not to be deceived when choosing cabinets.

Yanmi price calculation method:

Hanging cabinet meters * cabinet unit price + cabinet meters * cabinet unit price + platen meters * platen unit price + (after adding hardware, glass, lights and other accessories, can not add) = cabinet price attention to see behind The part that can be added is often a lot of trickery.

1, there is a big difference between the quote price and the actual settlement price

For example, the sample you see is only one big cupboard door, but the one actually designed for the consumer is two cupboards. At the end of the valuation, the price will be increased based on the original quotation. The reason is that the quotation for the original Yenmi was for a cabinet door. Increasing the number of cabinets also means adding backplanes, side plates, and hardware. You have to add extra money.

2, hardware and other additional distribution

The price of the sample is written in a good-looking manner, which is very affordable. In fact, the special-shaped pull-out cupboards and hardware are not included. It is necessary to add additional money when the time comes. Go up.

3, accessories include only the simplest

Some cabinets look bright and the price is down, and businesses also promise drawers, baskets, etc., no extra money. But afterwards it was only known that these are the most basic configurations. To know the situation of each household is different, the demand is different, if you want to adjust the design program, businesses will accumulate a lot of money to add the cost of this time, once you change the accessories, then you have to add money.

Second, a single counter valuation:

According to the single-chamber pricing, as the name implies refers to the common combination of units listed, specific to each cabinet how much money, this pricing method is very accurate, the error is relatively small.

Single counter price trap

Each single-cabinet design and configuration has its own meaning. Each standard cabinet has a clear quotation, which is very clear. What is the price of each cabinet, and whether the components inside are reasonable? The hinges, baskets, handles, etc. are all clear. In addition to the single-cabinet valuation method, in addition to the budget statement, there is an information to confirm the details of the single-handle, such as the color of the parts, the style, model, etc.

In this case, the amount of internal drawers, the number of hardware, the form of brackets, and the density of the partitions, etc., give consumers a sufficient amount of information.

Consider the quality of cabinets in the field and see if it is worth the money

Observe the materials used on the countertops and the details of the turning and other parts. This is very skillful. The cabinet material should be environmentally friendly, moisture-proof, and durable. How to move the door up and down the door is also a study of one, to see how the stability.

These are currently on the market, there are prone to tricky in the price of cabinets, oh, friends who want to buy cabinets can see clearly oh, was fooled. More cabinet pricing can be found on this website.

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