Old-for-new pilot, where did the old furniture go for a month?

5% of the old furniture can be reused, 95% of which are dismantled and shipped to environmental protection companies - as of tomorrow, the one-month old-for-new pilot pilot led by the Commerce Commission will officially end.
People have already felt that trade-in brings convenience and benefits to themselves, but people who care about environmental protection are not difficult to understand. The significance of trade-in is to explore a path of environmental protection and sustainable development.
Behind the hustle and bustle of purchasing and repurchasing furniture, we have not stopped paying attention to the flow of old furniture. Can it be reused? Is it polluting the environment? Is it disassembled and enters the new cycle in the form of materials? Is it effectively transported to a harmless professional company for processing?
5% of old furniture can enter the second-hand market. The author sees in the dismantling workshop. The staff will divide the old things that are shipped back into two categories. One can be sent to the second-hand market for sale. One is more serious and can only be dismantled. The person in charge of the dismantling workshop said that only about 5% of the old things can wait for second-hand furniture manufacturers to come to pick, and some of them may enter the market to buy and sell. Therefore, the workshop has a lot of dismantling work to be completed.
Similarly, the disassembled components are also divided into several types. At the scene, the author sees clear classification criteria: sheet, metal, sponge fabric, small hardware (hardware decoration renderings), glass products, hazardous waste. For these well-defined parts, the person in charge of the dismantling workshop said that this will help manage the dismantling process and save some trouble in recycling. At the same time, it is also possible to make better use of these old materials, and to better clean up and recycle the dismantled hazardous waste products without causing secondary pollution.
The furniture materials were transported to the environmental protection company in less than two hours. The author saw two trucks carrying the old goods back and forth in the dismantling workshop. Judging from the unloading situation, almost all of the two cars were filled, and the old things that were unloaded were as the person in charge of the dismantling workshop said, and there were fewer items that could be sold twice. For the entire recycling process, the author knows the person in charge, he said: "The delivery is the responsibility of the merchant. When the merchant thinks that there are enough old things, they can deliver the goods. We are ready to pick up the car." After that, the author saw that the staff would classify and process them, and they could be put together for the second time.
When asked when these old things were recycled, the person in charge of the dismantling workshop said that for products that can be sold twice, the recycling time is uncertain, because the second-hand market bosses come over and choose some old things from time to time, so there is no fixed time. For the parts after sorting and dismantling, he said: "As long as we feel that we can install a car, we will contact a special harmless processing company to pick up the goods."
Recycling and dismantling are not good for trade-in and trade-in. It is the act of serving the public. The key to whether this activity can proceed is how the old things are handled. If you dispose of the old things, you can be more motivated if you change them. If the deal is not good, the store will make a loss of business, then you can foresee that the renewal will not last long. In this regard, Wang Linpeng, the president of the House of Reality, said, “We have been exploring a way to properly handle old things so that the old-for-new can continue.”
For the returned old things, the person in charge of the dismantling workshop said that “95% can not be used twice.” Therefore, dismantling and sorting old things is the key to disposing these old things. The person in charge said that since the amount of old materials recovered was very large, there must be a special site for the stacking of old materials and the dismantling of the parts after dismantling.

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