China Home Brand Alliance: Exploring the Multi-Industry Chain Cooperation Model

[Background]: The China Home Brand Alliance was established in 2011. It currently brings together four listed companies across the Taiwan Straits, seven well-known trademarks, 67 home furnishing companies and 211 home furnishing brands. It is understood that the alliance has a dual identity, one is the industry organization, serving the home members and the industry; the second is the investment company, funded by the member companies for other investment purposes. On January 7, 2014, Liu Yongkang, the president of the alliance, and Lu Hao, the secretary-general, accepted an interview with the reporter on the future planning and development. Liu Yongkang, Chairman of China Home Brand Alliance [Reporter]: As the second president of the China Home Brand Alliance, can you disclose the strategic plan of the alliance during your term of office?
[Liu Yongkang]: It has been two years since the establishment of the alliance on December 21, 2011. These two years are two years of extraordinary development in the history of the alliance. Under the circumstance of a severe market environment, our alliance has grown from nothing, from a new institution to today's home industry organization with considerable influence and vitality.
We hope that through the power of the group to promote the transformation and upgrading of the home industry, broaden the development space of the industry, promote the good cooperation between the alliance enterprises and the various circulation stores across the country, and promote the creation of a harmonious win-win situation for consumers, stores, dealers and brand enterprises. mechanism! Let the alliance aggregate the most influential industrial resources, create the most profitable investment model of the industry, and create the most dynamic home industry community organization. Lu Hao, Secretary-General of China Home Brand Alliance [Reporter]: The China Home Brand Alliance has been sparing no effort in actively promoting the responsibility of the home industry. Following the announcement of the Industry Responsibility Declaration in March 2013, the China Home Brand Alliance Industry was launched in November. The Self-discipline Convention on the Self-discipline of Talents and the Self-discipline Convention on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights of China's China Household Brand Alliance. Can you ask the Secretary-General of the United Nations to play a role in industry self-discipline and its far-reaching significance to the industry?
[Lu Yi]: These two conventions are clear and actionable implementation rules for the disputes between member companies under the guidance of the alliance's articles of association, and for the disputes in the field of handling talent flow and intellectual property protection within the alliance. The aim is to lead the industry in the alliance to take the lead in complying with the Convention, establish a norm for the healthy development of the industry, and strive to promote the industry, and hope to promote the norm to become the industry rules that the industry adheres to.
The self-discipline convention on the mobility of talents and the protection of intellectual property rights is the first in the domestic furniture industry organization. It provides a good development model and model effect for the healthy development of the industry. It also marks the creation of global home furnishing in China's home furnishing brand. The road of industrial value-added and win-win platform is moving steadily.
[Reporter]: In the past two years, the China Household Brand Alliance has been actively exploring a multi-industry chain cooperation model. Can you ask Secretary-General Lu to talk about the cooperation model of the brand alliance? Which similar companies can work with the alliance to find common ground?
[Lu Yi]: The Alliance firmly grasps the opportunities of industrial transformation and upgrading, and further improves the cooperation mode and service system of the alliance with innovative thinking: working closely with the national home chain agencies, regional strong stores and commercial real estate enterprises, and entering the whole through the brand. Building a regional headquarters base nationwide: Join hands with member companies and partners to create a new era in the home furnishing industry in the areas of commercial real estate development and industrial finance investment and financing.

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