The mahogany furniture market is crowded, do you still jump?

With the development of economy and society in recent years, Chinese mahogany furniture with traditional cultural characteristics has been recognized and loved by more and more people. The rapid growth of demand for mahogany furniture has directly promoted the rapid expansion of the mahogany market. Half the sky, the crowd is moving.

But recently, many reports have been about fake and shoddy mahogany, deceived, and so on, and the news is everywhere. Whether it's investors or consumers, stop when you save money from your pocket and think about it.

According to a news report, a certain gentleman was on a business trip in the field and listened to "friends". Now that the mahogany market is deserted, it is a good time to officially start, and then encounter a "collector" saying that because the gambling owes a debt, it is selling. A variety of mahogany furniture, a half-awake Mr. bought a chair and a few pieces of lobular rosewood furniture, but found that the so-called lobular rosewood furniture is only a cheap wood from South America, and the price of furniture purchased at a high price. The difference is nearly ten times. Let him regret it.

Reports like this, countless, Jiuzheng Building Materials Network reminds consumers that as long as it is lobular rosewood furniture, or huanghuali, all with high-priced mahogany furniture with "tan", it is likely to be a pit, should be calm and careful, Make another choice.

China Hainan huanghuali and Indian rosewood. These two types of wood have been basically out of print, and the furniture is almost the same. All have entered the auction collection market. The price of a piece of furniture is hundreds of thousands and millions of yuan. If such mahogany furniture appears on the market, there is no doubt a pit. The so-called one price, the pie may have? Need to think about it.

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