The difference between murals and wallpapers

The difference between murals and wallpapers

The difference between murals and wallpapers:

1. The murals and wallpapers are two concepts. A mural is a custom-made pattern. It is made according to the actual size of the wall, and the wallpaper is a regular pattern; so the mural is usually used for partial posting.

2. The mural can have a border to make wallpaper attached to the wall. It is a good choice as an entrance. The wallpaper can also be used to decorate the wall with a mural.

3, In the material, the wall painting is more common in non-woven materials, but also pure paper, but few. The material of murals is generally better, and the current market price is about 300 square meters.

4, the size of the mural is not fixed because it can be customized. The wallpaper is mostly 52 (50, 53 also have) cm * 10m, but the Japanese wallpaper is different, is 92cm * 5m, this wallpaper can generally be tailored to buy, more suitable for small amounts, the color is more elegant, very few With warm colors.

5, construction differences, murals can be posted directly to the wall, do not need to play on the back, the first key to the mural is the most critical, must be vertical, sloppy, generally use the ordinary base film and glue, of course, a good base Film glue is the best choice. The wallpaper must be based on the specific material. Ordinary type of general glue preparation method can be used, and thicker ones are often used for special strong wall cloth adhesives with glass toughness, such as paper-based wall cloth, glass fiber cloth, cross-base cloth, etc. .

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