Teach you how to quickly identify the true and false biological pesticides

Bio-pesticide has been widely promoted by the country, but it has also been exploited by many businesses. The production of counterfeit and shoddy products has been shoddy, and it has started a profitable business. How to quickly identify the true and false bio-pesticide? Pesticide Xiaobian teaches you three tricks to quickly identify the true and false biological pesticides.

First, according to some characteristics of the appearance of distinguishing

Different pesticides have different characteristics, and different shapes and colors are different. Powder or wettable powder, should be fluffy powder, no clumps, uniform color. If the powder is agglomerated, the taste of the drug is not strong or there is a mildew and acid odor, indicating that the quality of the drug may deteriorate and affect the use effect. Bottled emulsifiable pesticides , if found turbid, stratified or have sediments, flocs, etc., indicate that there may be problems with the quality of the pesticide; if the suspension is found to have serious agglomeration, it may indicate that the quality may be problematic.

Second, according to the label identification

Qualified labels should include the name of the variety, the date of manufacture, the name of the pesticide manufacturer, the address, and the contact method. Incomplete or unclear label products are doubtful.

Third, according to the packaging identification

Generally speaking, it is in line with the national regulations on pesticide packaging. Intuitively, packaging, trademarks, product specifications, and factory inspection certificates are all new. If the packaging materials are found to be stale, the seal is not good or damaged, or the packaging is large. Small problems, its quality is doubtful.

China's pesticide network also warmly reminds those fake and inferior manufacturers to do business in a sub-divided manner, and contribute to the national environmental protection province.

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