Jin Yubin speaks for Mercury Home Textiles

On September 24th, 2014, Jin Yubin appeared in Kunshan, Jiangsu, to attend the spokesperson of Mercury Home Textile, the leading brand of home textiles. At the event, Jin Yubin showed warmth and masculinity. He always had a sunny and warm smile. He was easygoing and let the fans of the audience love the warm men. The event was intimately interacted with the fans, and the 90-degree bend was three pairs. A new loved one will present a happy gift, and will be generous with him to take a photo and send a sincere love blessing. At the end of the visit, I also care for fans and teach the secrets of winter warmth!

Jin Yubin speaks for Mercury Home Textiles

During the visit, Jin Yubin always smiled and nodded from time to time to show courtesy. When asked if there is any pressure on the upcoming online drama "Love Cell", Jin Yubin said that he would carefully complete the interpretation of each character and would not disappoint fans. When answering the reason for choosing the spokes for Mercury Home Textiles, Jin Yubin replied frankly: My agent had done his homework after receiving this notice. Mercury home textile is very famous in China, and the products are also received. I used it myself. The quilt sheets are very soft and comfortable, and of course very beautiful. Especially the quilt, very soft and warm. Usually I am very particular about bedding. For this brand that is both fashionable and warm, I love it very much. I like it. I hope that fans who love me will like it. Finally, Jin Yubin also intimately loves fans through the media: winter comes, pay attention to keep warm, exercise regularly, keep the body hot, so that it is not easy to get sick, the body is the most important.

Jin Yubin speaks for Mercury Home Textiles

This time, Mercury Home Textiles launched the Korean male star Jin Yubin, which is the first case in the industry. It is a precedent for the signing of a Chinese spokesperson and even a Korean male celebrity endorsement. When talking about the reason why Mercury Home Textile chose Jin Yubin as the spokesperson, the person in charge of Mercury Home Textile said: In addition to Jin Yubin's handsome and handsome appearance and high popularity, it is mainly due to the unique warm temperament of Jin Yubin. The brand image that has been dedicated to creating a warm and comfortable home experience for Chinese consumers coincides. The cooperation between Mercury Home Textiles and Jin Yubin hopes to provide a new “warm man” home textile brand experience for Chinese consumers with Jin Yubin's healthy and fashionable warm male image, and once again create a new benchmark for the Chinese textile industry.

Shanghai Mercury Home Textiles Co., Ltd. is a major member of the Mercury Holding Group and one of the largest domestic textile companies that have entered the domestic textile industry and formed a dominant brand. After more than 10 years of development, it has quickly become a specialized, multi-brand enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and sales. The company's production, sales scale and comprehensive strength rank among the top in the industry. In 2009, it passed the national high-tech. Technical business review. The company is located in Shanghai Fengxian Comprehensive Industrial Development Zone, under the jurisdiction of Shanghai Baili Silk Home Textile Co., Ltd., Shanghai Seastar E-Commerce Co., Ltd., Mercury Home Textiles (Chongqing) Co., Ltd., Beijing Fashion Mercury Textile Co., Ltd., with "Mercury" and "Bai Lisi" Two home textile brands.

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