Smart community Nanchang commissioning

Smart community Nanchang trial operation

The city is the product of the development of human civilization. The community is its most basic component. The community serves as the carrier for the survival and development of urban residents, and its wisdom is a concentrated expression of the level of urban intelligence. The functional community of smart communities is based on community residents as the core of services, providing residents with safe, efficient and convenient smart services to fully meet the needs of the residents' survival and development. Recently, the first "wisdom community" in Nanchang --- the smart community of Honggutan Century Central City in Nanchang City was formally delivered to the trial operation, marking the first step in the construction and operation of the "wisdom community" in Nanchang.

The smart home system with a lot of functions "can be unlocked by a password, a magnetic card, and a key, but it can also be unlocked remotely using a mobile phone APP. In this way, you won't encounter the embarrassment of forgetting to bring a key." The heads of five 1506 rooms in the Central City Community of the Century. At 16 o'clock on the 21st, she used a mobile phone to show her family life.

According to Ms. Zhu's introduction, by installing a smart home phone APP, you can set up home scenarios, such as home mode, home mode, and leisure mode. Smart home systems include intelligent unlocking, lighting control, switch air conditioning and rice cookers using the APP. In addition, security video surveillance cameras, sound and light alarm modules, gas leak detectors, and indoor temperature and humidity detectors are also installed in the hall. "Camera 24 hours monitoring, family members can also see real-time video on the mobile phone APP." Ms. Zhu said that her daughter can look at the home on the phone every day, such as what to eat for dinner.

Xu Ping, a member of the Central City Community of the Century, explained that the smart home system she is using is a point of the “wisdom community”. According to reports, the entire "wisdom community" system is centered on "one card and one library" for management and service. One card, that is, the smart community card, is basically implemented with the functions of the community access control system, volunteer management system, and community convenience service system. “At present, we mainly provide and experience 100 volunteers in the community. Volunteers can use the smart community card to identify and check service hours.” Xu Ping said that afterwards, access control, bank cards, canteens, etc., may be increased. "One card" service.

A library refers to the public archives located in the community center. “The People’s Repository has completed the establishment of an initial data structure and imported more than 4,000 community demographic data and neighboring merchant data. Community personnel can conveniently conduct inquiries and management of the people’s archives.” Xu Ping said, the next step, the community will continue Improve the database.

Intelligent courier box open 24 hours at the center of the community center, placed a convenient smart express box. This courier box has 38 storage compartments, in the middle is a console with LCD screen, keyboard and swipe sensing area. Xu Ping told reporters that the courier identified the identity of the specially configured courier card, scanned the barcode on the parcel, and entered the recipient's phone on the keyboard, select the parcel size information, the courier box will automatically open the box. After parceling into the box, the system will automatically send the pickup password to the recipient's mobile phone.

"After the recipient enters the code, the corresponding storage box will be automatically opened." Xu Ping said that at present, the system has opened Shentong and Zhongtong express services, and is open 24 hours, convenient and safe. In addition, the UnionPay convenience service terminal on the left side of the community center can provide residents with services such as repayment, bank transfer, and credit recharge. Residents can complete all services without leaving the community.

Telemedicine empowers "intellectual care"

"Wisdom communities" and ultimately "wisdom care." In the Smart City of the Central City of the Century, a day-care center for the elderly is set up to provide assistance for the elderly and daytime care services.

In the help-to-care daycare center, blood pressure and ECG equipment were installed in the hut. The elderly can independently measure blood pressure, ECG, and other data and transmit it to the health information database. “At present, our health information database is being docked with Hongduzhongxu, and ** is responsible for feedback on the ECG test data,” said Xu Ping. In addition, the old day care center also installed a video surveillance system, 10 cameras to achieve all-round no-failure monitoring. In the help day care center, free haircut points and a somatosensory rehabilitation game are also arranged. The elderly can perform simple rehabilitation and fitness activities through infrared sensing devices.

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