Hardware classification and purchase method analysis

Hardware is divided into general hardware and special hardware according to the function. Ordinary hardware is divided into hinge rails, decorative handles and decorative locks according to the setting method; special hardware is divided into bathroom hardware and kitchen pendant according to the setting method. In the purchase of hardware accessories, you should choose the hinges, slide rails, locks and hinges with good sealing performance; choose the locks with good flexibility and performance. When you purchase, you can have the key to plug and unplug several times to see if it is smooth or not. Provincial strength; select a variety of decorative hardware with good appearance and performance.

Hardware classification and purchase method

1, hinge

The main types of hinge-type hardware are door hinges, drawer guides and cabinet hinges. The door hinge material is copper and stainless steel. The standard area of ​​single-piece hinge is 10cm×3cm and 10cm×4cm, the diameter of the middle shaft is between 1.1cm and 1.3cm, and the wall thickness of the hinge is 2.5mm to 3mm. When the hinge is selected, it is easy to open without noise. It is preferable to include a ball bearing in the shaft of the page.

2, guide rail

The drawer guide rail is divided into two kinds of rails and three rails. When selecting the brightness of the exterior paint and plating, the gap and strength of the load wheel determine the flexibility and noise of the drawer opening and closing. The load-bearing wheel with uniform wear and rotation should be selected. .

3, the hinge

The door hinges are divided into two types: detachable and non-detachable. The cover is divided into three types: large bend, medium bend and straight bend. In addition to the visual inspection and the smoothness of the hinge surface of the hand hinge, attention should be paid to the reset performance of the hinge spring. The hinge can be opened at 95 degrees, and the hinges are pressed hard by both sides to observe that the support spring piece is not deformed or broken, and is very strong. For quality qualified products.

4, handle

Handle materials are zinc alloy, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, logs, ceramics, etc. In order to match the various styles of furniture, the shape and color of the handle are varied and colorful. The handles of electroplating and electrostatic painting have wear-resisting and anti-corrosion effects. In addition to matching with the decoration style of the room, they should also be able to withstand large pulling forces. Generally, the handles should be able to withstand more than 6 kg of pulling force.

5, skirting board

Skirting boards are often overlooked. In fact, the first problem with kitchen cabinets is probably it. Because it is closest to the ground, if the ground is very moist, it is likely to swell and mold. The skirting board has two kinds of wooden skirting boards and matte metal skirting boards. Wooden skirting board manufacturers generally use the corner scrap left when the cabinet is used, and the cost is low. However, because the skirting board is very close to the ground, the wooden material is easy to absorb water and tide, and the water vapor will rise along the skirting board to endanger the entire cabinet.

6, steel pumping, cutlery tray

Steel pumping and cutting discs are accurate, standardized, easy to clean, not afraid of pollution, and will not be deformed. They have an irreplaceable role in the maintenance and use of kitchen cabinet drawers. They have long been used in kitchens in Germany, the United States, Japan and other developed countries. Cabinet companies are widely used. Therefore, when you have roughly observed the appearance of the kitchen cabinet, you should open each drawer and take a look. If you use steel pumping and knife and fork combination, the cost of the product is higher, the cabinet combination is more standardized, and vice versa. Drawers are less expensive.

Summary of the small series: Classification of hardware The above-mentioned articles introduce the main six categories, as well as the main role in their home furnishings, to understand the classification and role of home improvement hardware accessories, in order to better purchase and use.

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