What you need to know before looking for a decoration company

Looking for a decoration company, everyone's first requirement is to do a living? Everyone will think of this, and in the process of initial measurement communication, they feel that they can understand their own ideas and can reach their initial budget or design. Basically, they can decide. After that, we talked about some construction and material issues such as half-bags, and finally cut down the prices. Is this? Some owners will also go to a friend to learn from the scene, the site site to see, do not feel proficient, but also understand it. But why did the problems arise in the renovation process, and the result was still so many problems? This article will take you first to look at what you need to know before looking for a decoration company.

Simply tell you what is all-inclusive, half-package, clear package

1, all-inclusive

All-inclusive is the procurement of labor and materials by the decoration company, the owner just follow the decoration company to see the color specifications of the confirmation materials, etc., the process may be some original design changes or some parts need the owner to communicate on the spot to confirm, basically no flowers Lots of time and energy to follow up on the entire renovation process.

2, half a pack

Half of the package is to purchase some large items from themselves, and some basic and general basic materials such as water and electricity, yellow sand cement are purchased by the decoration company, which is called half package. In accordance with the proportion of purchasing materials and some decorative materials will also have more than half of the package name.

3, clearing

As the name implies, it is clean and clean. All of them are bought by themselves. The decoration company gives me a hand-made job.

In view of the current situation, all-inclusive should be the owners of most of the material for the price of quality and other requirements, the price of many markets, and ultimately self-purchase, so all-inclusive for home improvement, currently not much. Some villas and other owners are economically plentiful and will also choose the all-inclusive model. Clearing Packages For the decoration company, some of the owners calculated their labor costs based on manual reference standards for the decoration industry and obtained an idealized total cleaning price. However, the cost of labor costs caused by various conditions in the market has increased, and the profit after the decoration has been removed to reduce costs is much lower than the normal value. Therefore, the decoration company is basically reluctant to clear the package. Unless the owners are clear about these and the price is relatively acceptable to both parties, they will pick up the package decoration business.

Frequently Asked Questions in the Process of Finding a Decoration Company

1, everything follows the idea of ​​the decoration company

Because they don't understand what they say is what they are and how they are, individuals cannot actively participate in the publication of personal suggestions and further communication with the proposal of the decoration company.

2. The content of the renovation project is not clear

I don't know which procedures, materials, and related costs will be required for the renovation.

3, the content of the design is vague

Some projects that are designed have no definitive results, and are likely to cause problems with later ambiguities and small items.

4, the content of the contract is not clear

The terms of the contract will obviously favor the decoration company. When the problem arises, the terms will obviously be detrimental to the maintenance of the business.

5, easily sign the contract or pay the deposit

After the initial communication, the contract was signed or the deposit was paid. There was no comparison or understanding of each other's company, business capabilities, and overall costs. Once the boat was completed, the details and fees were lost.

Decoration company choose decoration company decoration decoration company

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