Corn has white seedlings to supplement zinc most effective

From the 4th leaf stage, the leaf color of the base of the new leaves became yellowish white; in the 5-6 leaf stage, the yellowish and pale green stripes appeared in the 1st to 3rd leaves under the heart leaf, but the veins were still green and the base appeared. Purple streaks; after 10 to 15 days, the purple color gradually turns yellowish white, and the mesophyll becomes thin and white. In severe cases, the whole field is white. After the onset of corn, not only the growth and development retardation, the plant is short, and there are many empty stalks in the future, and the ears are short of grains and baldness, which seriously affects the yield.

Planting corn on calcareous soil is prone to white mosaic disease because the calcareous soil is mostly alkaline and zinc is difficult to dissolve in the soil. Plots rich in phosphorus or heavily applied to phosphate fertilizers may also cause zinc deficiency due to the reduced absorption of zinc by corn.

In general, the effective zinc content of the subsoil of most soils is low. Therefore, when leveling the land or building terraces, if the topsoil is not well restored, zinc deficiency is also likely to occur.

In addition, white wheat seedlings often occur when corn is grown in old wheat fields.

As a preventive measure, the most effective method is to supplement zinc. On the one hand, the application of base fertilizer. Mainly organic fertilizer, supplemented by chemical fertilizer, reasonable fertilization, organic fertilizer must be decomposed, and harmless treatment. About 2,500 kg of high-quality organic fertilizer and 1.5 kg of zinc sulphate per mu are mixed with organic fertilizer and applied to the soil in combination with soil preparation. On the other hand, scientific topdressing, mainly root dressing, is a good way to find zinc fertilizer after applying white corn seedlings. Spray 40-50 kg of zinc sulfate solution with a concentration of 0.1% to 0.2% per acre. Spray from the beginning of the jointing of the corn, spray once every 10 to 15 days, and spray 2 to 3 times.

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