Large mowing robot was born, saving time and money

The use of robots has slowly penetrated into the vegetable growing industry, but so far most of them are small machines, and they have not been able to cope with the severe test of large-scale work.

For this issue, the French-based NAIO Technologies has its own answer. The company has just independently developed and developed an enhanced version of the Oz weeding robot designed for the vegetable industry that can be used for more than 9 hectares.

Dino robots can span vegetable fields ranging from 1.2 meters to 1.8 meters wide and use laser and camera guidance technology for mechanical weeding without any human intervention.

To accommodate soil and crop types, robots can be equipped with a range of tools. This is also compatible with the older version of the Oz weeding robot, including inter-row plows, rakes, and plows for separate use.

More tools are available to suit a variety of weeding techniques, such as the German-made Keller mower.

The weight of 600 kg sounds heavy, but it is much lighter than a tractor. It will also stop running for up to eight hours at speeds of up to 4 kilometers per hour. It even sends a text message to the user telling them when the work is done.

The price of the product will be £47,500 - £55,500 (€60,000 - €70,000).

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