Four Things to Know Before Selecting "Half-Package"

The first concept must first find out a few forms of decoration, clean package, half a pack, and now the mainstream ready all-inclusive concept. Everything has its two or more sides, its advantages or disadvantages, good or bad. Clearing is very economical, all-inclusive is labor-saving, half-package is between the two, which is why many people choose half-packages.

The concept of decoration form, you made it clear?

Half of the package consists of decoration companies providing basic materials, supporting materials for main materials, and providing related construction services. Users are mainly responsible for the supply of main materials, such as: sanitary ware, ceramic tile, flooring, cabinets, paints, electrical appliances, wallpapers, doors and windows, lamps, and so on. The advantage is that you can control the pros and cons of materials, environmental protection, brands, prices and so on.

☞ in the design point of view, they can go casual with their new home, the style and the color scheme is not limited to the decoration provided by the company, to meet their own ideas for home design, color sense.

☞ in the price, because the bulk of the decoration of the main material, are to buy their own, able to choose affordable materials according to their economic capacity, but because of his own personal purchase, more waste of time, it also There are both advantages and disadvantages.

☞ During the construction, can only say, look at your luck, a good construction team can save a lot of unnecessary trouble for your decoration, on the contrary, a good construction team, and you will multiply trouble here It is suggested that when choosing a decoration company, you can ask to see what the construction team used to do in the past and let yourself know about the construction team. However, this is one-sided, and many times you still have to test their craft. Therefore, during the construction of the decoration company, everyone went to the construction site and walked away, found problems in a timely manner, eliminated poor quality auxiliary materials, reduced the number of missing items, and made timely changes.

All-inclusive look at this name will know that the decoration company artificial, accessories, main material all-inclusive. Now all the packages are calculated in square meters. There are also netizens saying why do I choose all-inclusive packages and the lights do not give me packages? Hardware does not give me a bag? Some of the main materials on the contract should also be clearly seen. Not all main materials are in it, and some of the main materials must be clearly understood by the designer.

Clearing is to find the construction team on their own, and all the materials themselves bear, but here is the user's request is to know how to decorate knowledge, but also some netizens asked me, Qing Packaging repair company can? Generally speaking, the decoration company will not pick up the package.

The whole concept of science and technology is another interpretation of the whole package. It is only a change of concept. The entire home improvement industry has played a price war, and the entire package advertisement for 499 yuan/m2-999 yuan/m2 has been advertised. Overwhelming, but it is very different from the traditional full package. Let's say for example: All-inclusive is like how many commodities you need, the brand is reported to the merchant, the merchant lists the list of goods you need, and then quotes; the whole outfit is set by the merchant and is configured according to the goods and brands specified by the merchant. , there are goods out of the list also need to pay for additional purchases.

In the face of such a diversified decoration market, how to choose how to decorate? And why has half-bundle been leading the way in other forms of decoration, what exactly does it have to offer?

Because the main material is purchased by myself, is it more secure?

This may be the main reason, and with the development of the times, intense competition in the industry, the price war between merchants has started, we really benefited, look around the Internet, who is cheaper than the kitchen cabinets hundreds of dollars, but also lottery 100% have gifts. The standard of living has improved, and the quality of life has also improved. Everyone's vision has gradually shifted to the issue of environmental protection. Is tiled marble a source of radiation? Plate building materials will have problems?


Can you know? Many environmental protection issues are precisely those materials purchased by construction parties. When signing a contract, the brand and model of the material are specified. During the construction process, these accessories should be given more attention. After all, for that profit, People who can do everything can be found everywhere. Please refer to Sudan Red and Sanlu.

The main material is the bulk of the decoration, the budget must be done

If you choose a half-pack, you will find it safe to save money, but it does not mean that the budget can be ignored. It is very important to prepare a main material budget before buying the main material. After the decoration company handed over the budget quotation to you, it planned to purchase the main material and refused to overrun the budget later.


To understand the general flow of decoration and some of the facile terms of decoration

Even if you do not measure the size of the construction site yourself and do not understand how to measure the length, breadth and height of the square meter, you should also know which essential items should be included in the quotation for the semi-package repair: material costs, labor costs, design fees, and garbage disposal fees. , management fees and taxes.

Material fee 1

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(1) Costs for accessories such as cement, river sand and other accessories for the laying of indoor tiles (including balconies) and floor tiles for kitchens and bathrooms;

(2) Paint costs, in addition to latex paint, wall painting accessories, such as white ash, putty, etc.;

(3) ceiling materials for living rooms, dining rooms, and bedroom ceilings, such as plasterboards, frames, etc.;

(4) Door and window glass and door pockets, etc. (If you have channels, you can order windows, doors, glass, etc.)

(5) Material fees for self-made cabinets, wall-closets, shoe cabinets, entrances, etc.;

(6) Material fees for hydropower lines, baseboard replacement, and commissioning;

(7) The cost of waterproofing the kitchen and bathroom;

Labor costs 2

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During the renovation period, the decoration company will employ decoration workers to decorate the house. Generally, the individual house decoration salary is calculated on a daily basis, and the current human resources are also relatively expensive. Sometimes, after the completion of the house decoration, the labor costs at the time of settlement are specific. The amount of wages can reach about half of the total construction cost. Therefore, before the renovation, we must establish the daily wages of the workers with the decoration company.

Additional cost 3

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In the process of renovation, there will be other costs, such as: welding costs, drilling and hole-opening fees, floor drains, material handling fees, and clean-up costs for decoration waste. (This article comes from the network)

Small size half package villa half package effect half package repair half package contract

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