Explosion-proof sound and light alarm installation requirements

Explosion sound and light alarm installation requirements <br> <br> explosion sound and light alarm direct drive power supply, the power corresponding to the access, the light control terminal connected to + V and sound control terminal and a sound and light alarm can Sound and light alarm signals are issued.

Audible and visual alarm (Audible and visual alarm), also called sound and light alarm, is set to meet the customer's special requirements for alarm loudness and installation position. At the same time, sound and light alarm signals are issued. Product specific areas: iron and steel metallurgy, telecommunications towers, lifting machinery, construction machinery, port terminals, transportation, wind power, ocean-going ships and other industries; is an accessory product in the industrial alarm system.

The explosion-proof sound and light alarm is suitable for installation in explosive gas environments containing IIC grade T6 temperature groups. It can also be used in explosion-proof locations in areas 1 and 2 where explosion protection is required in petroleum and chemical industries. It can also be used outdoors and outdoors.

The main technical parameters:

1, explosion-proof type: explosion-proof type (explosion-proof sound and light alarm)

2, Explosion-proof mark: ExdIICT6

3, humidity range: less than 85%

4, the temperature range: -20 °C ~ +60 °C

5, atmospheric pressure: 80 ~ 110KPa

6, the working voltage: DC24V ± 1

7, operating current: ≤ 500mA

8, sound intensity: ≥100dB

Explosion-proof sound and light alarm wiring and wiring
1, wiring: pipe wiring; cable wiring 2, wiring: two-wire system 3, cable selection: cross-sectional area S ≥ 1.0mm2 universal cable connection mode:

1. Connect the input controller terminal and detector terminal correspondingly;

2. Output terminal and linkage equipment connection;

3. When the inductive device such as exhaust fan meets the condition of less than or equal to 5A/220VAV, the explosion-proof sound and light alarm can be directly connected to the output terminal, but as far as possible to avoid the load device directly connected to the output terminal, when the load device is greater than 5A/220VAV, External transfer equipment must be provided;

5. The controller and detector must ensure reliable grounding.

6. When performing various installation operations, it is necessary to turn off the power first, otherwise the host may be burned out.

Matters needing attention 1, is strictly prohibited in the flammable and explosive place with power dismantling.

2. Do not damage the explosion-proof surface during installation and keep it clean.

The acousto-optic alarm consists of a detector and an alarm control host. It is widely used in the petrochemical industry where toxic gases are present in petroleum, gas, chemical, and oil depots. It is used to detect leaks in hazardous locations both indoors and outdoors. The explosion-proof sound and light alarm is a guarantee. Important instruments for production and personal safety. When there is a toxic gas in the measured location, the detector converts the gas signal into a voltage signal or a current signal and sends it to the alarm meter. The instrument displays the percentage concentration of the toxic gas explosion lower limit. When the concentration of toxic gas exceeds the alarm set value, an audible and visual alarm signal is generated. The on-duty personnel take safety measures in time to avoid the occurrence of explosive explosion.

The alarm function of explosion-proof sound and light alarms in petrochemical and other dangerous environment places is of great importance, and must be paid attention to by the enterprise.

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