2014 safety production month slogan

1. Implement safety production law and protect everyone's safety.

2. Supervise according to law, enforce the law fairly and ensure safety.

3. Implement safety regulations and strengthen safety precautions.

4. Master the knowledge of safe production and strive to be a discipline-abiding employee.

5, safety is life, responsibility is more important than Mount Tai.

6, in addition to hidden dangers, the safety precautions are mainly for safety.

7. Grasp safe production and promote economic development.

8. Extensively carry out safety activities and thoroughly implement safety production laws.

9. Carry out safety month activities and thoroughly implement the safety law.

10. Life is noble, security responsibility is heaven.

11, security is the guarantee of efficiency, safety is the source of happiness.

12. Hidden danger lies in open flames, prevention is better than disaster relief, and responsibility is more important than Mount Tai.

13, extensive mobilization, strengthen supervision, responsibility in place, often unremitting.

14. Conscientiously implement the policy of "safety first, prevention first" and enhance employees' safety awareness and safety protection capabilities.

15. We must conscientiously grasp the implementation of the responsibility system for production safety and steadily promote the improvement of the security situation.

16. The moment of safe production cannot be relaxed.

17. Production must be safe and safe to promote production.

18. Extensive mobilization, implementation, and group control.

19. Take measures to prevent problems before they occur.

20. Security is in your heart and life is in your hands.

21. Stay safe and give yourself a safe life for your family.

22. When they saw the violation of the rules and regulations, the passage was ruthless and sentimental.

23. On-site construction speaks about civilization, and the surrounding residents have peace and tranquility.

24. The “Sambo” building is well equipped to ensure the safety of life.

25. Everyone abides by the "Building Law," and safe production depends on everyone.

26, put an end to violations and cherish life.

27. Be more careful and less worried.

28, hidden dangers do not remove the root cause of the accident.

29, build high-rise buildings by relying on the foundation, security and safety by grasping the team.

30. “Four mouths” is like a tiger hole, sending life without protection.

31. Strictly implement safety standardization management to ensure safe production.

32. Ensure the implementation of safety prevention and control measures and strengthen the supervision and control of special rectification.

33. Implement the special work plan for the safety of the Provincial Department of Construction and strengthen supervision and management of safety production.

34. Conscientiously implement safety production standardization, legalization, proceduralization, and standardization.

35. Safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management, and security.

36, A first-class construction performance, a new style of tree civilization construction.

37. Raise the level and ensure the quality and safety of the project.

38. Well-designed is the soul of project quality, standard construction

Is the basis of project quality, strict supervision is the quality of the project

The key is that government supervision is the guarantee of project quality.

39. Conduct democratic appraisal practices and accept extensive supervision from all walks of life.

40. Strengthen quality supervision and strictly control quality.

41. Strict implementation of the "Safety Production Act."

42. Implementation of Safety Production Law for Personnel Security

43. Safety is the Source of Happiness Security is the Guarantee of Benefits

44, earnestly study and firmly implement the "safety production law"

45. Caring for Life and Paying Attention to Safety

46. ​​Set off the climax of studying and implementing the "Safety Production Act"

47. Grasp the security and have tomorrow

48. Widely carry out safety month activities to thoroughly implement the "Safety Production Act."

49. Anti-microphones and alarm bells

50. The supremacy of life is the responsibility of safety.

51. People's interests are higher than all safety responsibilities are more important than Taishan

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