Spring sowing potato fertilization technology

1. Apply enough base fertilizer. Potato fertilization is based on base fertilizer, which generally accounts for 60% to 70% of the total fertilizer. When combined with soil preparation or soil cover, the seed is covered with 2000-2500 kg of organic fertilizer and covered with 150 kg of straw. After 3 days, the total fertilization amount of 50% of nitrogen fertilizer, 40% of potassium fertilizer and 100% of phosphate fertilizer were applied, and 2 kg of sulfur was applied per mu. Mainly to the strip, then cover the soil. Covered with organic fertilizer and straw, the soil permeability is increased, and the surface of the potato cake is smooth and shiny, which improves the commerciality. After the straw rots, it can increase the soil organic matter content.

2. Apply fertilizer early. Nitrogen topdressing should not be too late, especially in the later period, to avoid stems and leaves. In the middle and late stage, potassium fertilizer is mainly used, which can be applied in 2 to 3 times. When Qimiao is used for the first time, it will promote early growth and increase photosynthesis. At this time, nitrogen fertilizer accounts for 30% of total nitrogen application, and potassium fertilizer accounts for 20% of total potassium application. Water is applied, and shallow water layer is left at the bottom of the ditch, and it is drained immediately after application. At the time of the bud, the second top dressing promoted the growth of stems and leaves and increased photosynthesis, which was conducive to tuber enlargement. This top dressing is generally applied to 20% of total nitrogen application and 40% of total potassium application. It should be carried out in the afternoon to avoid the fertilizer on the leaves. Water is applied immediately after the fertilizer is applied to accelerate the dissolution, and the blades are cleaned. Later application of potassium fertilizer can increase production by 3% to 6%, and the product quality rate increases by 2% to 3%. Later, look at the fertilization of the seedlings, and apply 4 to 5 kg of high-quality compound fertilizer per acre. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
3. Appropriate root dressing. Potatoes require large amounts of medium and trace elements such as calcium, magnesium and sulfur. They can be combined with pests and diseases to control roots and top dressings. The use of high-yield flakes in 200 g of 400 g of high-nitrogen foliar fertilizer can improve the photosynthesis efficiency. In the later stage, 40 days from the harvest period, the high potassium type is used, and it is sprayed once every 7 to 10 days to prevent premature aging and accelerate the accumulation of starch. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
4. Precautions. Nitrogen fertilizer is mainly urea, phosphate fertilizer is suitable for superphosphate, potassium fertilizer is potassium chloride, and three fertilizers can be mixed into the sputum. The first top dressing can be carried out by using ammonium bicarbonate plus superphosphate to water, and the ammonium bicarbonate should be fully dissolved to avoid excessively high concentration of the bottom of the barrel to burn the leaves. In the middle and late stages, urea, potassium chloride or imported compound fertilizer is used in combination. The compound fertilizer with a nitrogen:phosphorus:potassium ratio of 16:16:16 has a high cost and a high phosphorus content, which causes waste and pollutes the environment. Manganese, zinc and iron fertilizers are sprayed during the sapling stage and the bud stage to prevent yellowing of the leaves. If there is boron deficiency in the soil, the tuber can be dip with 0.1% borax solution. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
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