Analysis on the production process of PVC zipper bag

PVC zipper bag is made of PVC material and a PVC zipper. It is usually made into a flat pocket. It is made of two chapters of transparent material. The outside can be used for silk screen printing. The material can be used in various transparent, matte and colored materials! Let's take a look at the manufacturing process of PVC zipper bags, as follows:

Analysis on the production process of PVC zipper bag

1. Set the pattern and make a zipper copper mold.
2. Cut the material, calculate the size, cut the material into a zipper bag style, if you want to silk screen, then set the material, the silk screen is good.
3. String zipper, the zipper bought back is a plus zipper head, here requires two layers, and then stringed zipper head.
4. Pressing into a finished product, this step is to press the zipper and PVC material into a plastic bag. This step needs to control the pressure of the voltage machine and the distance of the trimming. There is no burr on the side of the zipper bag, smooth, Finishing!
In fact, the PVC zipper bag is also a kind of plastic bag, which is processed by PVC film. Zipper bags are generally divided into two types, flat pockets and three-dimensional pockets. Today, we mainly introduce the production method of flat pockets. PVC zipper bags should be prepared for copper mold, zipper, PVC film, high-frequency voltage PVC zipper bag: First, the material needs to be cut, the PVC film is first cut into pieces, the first silk screen needs to be printed, and the silk screen needs to be aligned. Position, or the voltage may be skewed when the voltage is applied! Then the voltage is needed, the zipper is put on, the copper mold is turned, the mold is adjusted, the temperature is also appropriate, the voltage can be finished, and the production speed of the flat pocket is generally Soon, and now there are automatic high-frequency voltage machines, the pressure is faster. During the pressing process, the zipper bag should pay attention to the width of the side pressure, and it cannot be pressed too deep, otherwise there will be burrs.

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