The World Cup has quietly "rolled" into the home, do you make it?

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is about to start on June 12, 2014. The atmosphere of football has begun to spread, from the CCTV special program to the topic of tea after dinner. The football on the pitch field crossed the arc in the sky, and what kind of chemical reaction will happen when it is kicked into the home? Football that will shine - football OLED lights you are not mistaken! Football not only "rolled" into the house, but also "rolled" out. This is a lighting designed by designer Simon Enever. The football stereo provides a multi-faceted illumination angle that enhances the overall lighting. The football is composed of a regular hexagon. The careful Simon Enever also designed the opening device into a hexagon and blends with the lamp. A number of corners, just like each person's character, but put more planes together to ignore the edges and become a circle, such as cooperation and tolerance between people. Give this meaning to the football table lamp, and the light is softer. "OLED" has more Organic than "LED", and OLED display technology has self-illuminating properties, which can save significant power. There is an inductive charging device at the top of the football. The color of the light bulb is colorful. You can choose it. Whether it is placed on the bed or on the workbench, such a "soccer stunner" will definitely make you love it. Football that can sleep - Sui Bao World Cup theme mattress The officially announced game time of this World Cup is concentrated in the early morning (Beijing time), there will be football to accompany you during the game, and there will be a football mattress to continue building your football after staying up late. Dream. This is the first World Cup-themed mattress in history. The football is full of elements, and the mesh structure in the middle of the surface makes it easier to think of the net. There is also football in the grid, although it is still but rolling. If you want to sleep well, the appearance is not enough. The surface of the mattress is treated with HyCare® technology, and the interior is made of a deep-sleeping material, which is full of sleep and a good mood for a whole day. A football that can sit - the fun-filled object of the Florent Joliot football-style leather bench, which makes you feel happy at first glance, and makes the space more vivid, breaking the dull and monotonous atmosphere. The leather bench simulates the shape of football and is of course the favorite of sports fans. Since it is a model of football, the texture is imitated, soft leather, there is a kind of impulse to hold.

Steel poles are commonly used to carry several types of electric power lines, distribution lines and lighting system.  Distribution lines carry power from local substations to customers. They generally carry voltages from 4.6 to 33kV for distances up to 30 miles, and include transformers to step the voltage down from the primary voltage to the lower secondary voltage used by the customer. A service drop carries this lower voltage to the customer's premises.

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