Introduction to the type of partition screen

The partition screen is a method often used in decoration. Some people in China used this design in ancient times. Originally designed for the purpose of simply separating the spaces, such as the bathing place in the bedroom. It is simple, natural and beautiful. The screens made by different materials have different effects. Nowadays, it is more widely used. Let's take a look at the classification and origin of the decoration house.


First, the origin of the screen:

The screen has a long history and rich forms, and the craftsmanship is also splendid. It is popular among the traditional craftsmanship and is deeply loved by the people. The modern screen is not only the current screen but also an elegant ornament. It can also be used to change the Feng Shui pattern while beautifying the home. It is used in various styles of home decoration and becomes a popular decoration.

At first, the furnishings of our ancestors were very simple. With the development of society, people's material life has gradually enriched, and the aesthetic concept has undergone tremendous changes. As a result, the screen production in the furniture also came into being. Most of them were placed behind the bed or on the side of the bed, and then gradually developed from fixed to active, and various changes were made in style and function. The birth of the screen began with the design of the emperor's throne, called the "axe." It is framed by wood, and it is painted on the axe and becomes a symbol of the power of the emperor. "Historical Records" also records: "The emperor is standing on the screen." After a long period of development, the screen began to spread to the people, and entered the homes of ordinary people, becoming an important part of the interior decoration of the ancients.

Second, the partition screen classification:

1. Active screen partition, push-pull movable partition wall, removable movable partition wall, etc. The movable partition wall is often used in the multi-function hall of the large space; between the entrance and the living room, the forged screen mainly composed of the flower totem becomes the medium of the living room, and a large amount of natural lighting can be introduced into the hall area. Can make a solid wood hollow screen, he is simple and natural, creating a rustic atmosphere for the living room, tatami sofa leaning behind the screen, natural and casual attitude is called love at first sight.

2, glass screen partition, wood, metal profiles, etc. as a frame, made of glass in the frame. The glass partition wall has the characteristics of air permeability, brightness, colorful color and good airtightness. The partition decoration separates the space and refines the space, while the glass partition decoration makes the home taste change impermanent, making the indoor environment Rich, and can achieve multi-space communication. The entire space is decorated to look neat and transparent, and the display of these effects is entirely based on the merits of glass.

3, the screen screen partition, no need to set the partition wall keel, self-supporting by the partition wall board, the prefabricated or existing partition wall plate directly fixed to the partition wall of the main structure of the building; process characteristics. On the side of the TV wall, you can use the fixed screen of classical flowers and birds. The delicate depiction of meticulous painting continues to the restaurant, creating a refined and elegant home environment. The simplicity and elegance of the atmosphere spread quietly around. If you are afraid that the effect of the partition is too heavy, you may wish to use the hollow carving to double the lightness.

The design of the screen is very strong, which has perfected the matching of the room. It integrates into the modern and diverse environment through its own shape, color, material and pattern, so that you can experience the traditional Chinese culture in the modern space. breath. Another function of the screen is storage. Many families with smaller spaces will use grid-like screens. These grids can be their bookshelves or they can become their shelves, so that the screen solves the problem of small space. They also decorate the screen, making the whole home look more welcoming.


The above is the classification introduction of the partition screen. Through the above understanding, we will find that each different partition screen has its own characteristics. We can design and decorate our favorite style according to our own preferences. Their advantages and disadvantages are very small. . For more information on decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home.

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