Home bedroom four home Feng Shui taboo novice you offend it?

As we all know, the bedroom is a place for repose and rest. In addition to placing stress on the bedroom, other furnishings can not be despised. It is also said that only the feng shui of the bedroom is good enough to make the occupants' fortune and family happiness. Here's to follow Xiaobian to talk about the bedroom home Feng Shui taboo which should pay attention to.

1, bedroom home bed placement

Among the bedrooms, the most important one is the bed position. It is the decisive factor in deciding whether a bedroom is good or bad. The position of the bed is best to choose the location facing north to the south because it has the geomagnetism attraction along the river, if your head is Towards the west, this will lead to blood straightening overhead, leading to unsteady sleep. If the head is heading to the east, it will greatly help people's sleep and their mood. When choosing a bed, you should consider whether it is the length and breadth of the bed, whether the bed is flat, whether there is good support and comfort, if the nightstand is higher than the bed, it will help the occupants sleep and improve their brains and improve the quality of sleep. .

2, bedroom home wardrobe, clothing box placed

The size of the bedroom of the small-sized apartment is limited. If a large closet and a suitcase are used in the bedroom, it may cause inconvenience to the occupants' lives. This is not suitable. In terms of homeschooling, placing wardrobes and clothing boxes in the master's room will affect the daily life of the occupants. Such placement is not correct. In order to effectively use limited space, small furniture should be used. The wardrobe and dressing table lined up.

3, home bedroom vanity mirror placement

There is no place for a mirror in the bedroom, but remember, don't put the mirror on the bed, because people may want to go to the bathroom in the half-awake time, and get up and get scared by the mirror, causing unrest. In terms of feng shui, mirrors are used to act as suffocating gas. The so-called suffocating gas refers to the irritating gas that rushes against the mirror and reflects it back, so the mirror should not be facing Geely's position.

4, bedroom home can not be placed fish tank

Many people like to place fish tanks at home. Once they can raise their bodies and minds, secondly, they will bring good luck and anger to their homes to some extent, but they must not place fish tanks in their bedrooms. If not enough, it is easy for the occupants to make a fortune.

Xiao Bian concludes: The above is the four- bedroom bedroom arranged by Xiaobian to display feng shui taboos. In fact, whether it is for the layout of the bedroom or other space in the living room, attention should be paid to feng shui. After all, the feng shui arrangement of small details will affect our daily life. Therefore, everyone must be careful not to worry about home feng shui. .

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