About the classification of rubber waterstops

About the classification of rubber waterstops

As the main material for waterproofing and stopping water in the current process, the waterstop has been widely used in engineering construction. Its many models and types are often difficult to distinguish. Now we will explain the classification. Depending on the material, it can be divided into rubber waterstop, steel waterstop, PVC waterstop, EVA waterstop, copper waterstop, etc. The rubber waterstop has good water stopping effect and long-lasting resistance. Aging and corrosion resistance dominate the market. Here, we mainly focus on the classification of rubber waterstops. According to the requirements of engineering construction, the design of rubber waterstops has derived many structural types (see attached table, water stop classification list), among which 651 type application As extensive. Common types are divided into: 1, according to different materials, can be divided into natural rubber waterstop, EPDM rubber waterstop, neoprene waterstop, composite rubber waterstop, etc.; There is no hole in the middle, and the water stop belt for the deformation joint is the middle hole type; 3. The back-mounted water stop belt is a single-sided belt protrusion, which is different from the ordinary 651 type waterstop belt; 4. The large back sticker type The water belt refers to a back-mounted waterstop with a high protrusion (30-32.5mm), which is different from the ordinary waterstop.

Schedule water stop classification list

Model product section schematic

Model 651 280-(7-12) 290-(8-12) 300-(8-15) 310-(8-15) 350-(8-12) 400-(10-20) 450-(10-20 500-(10=20) 657 type 250-(10-15) 280-(10-20) 300-(10-20) 350-(10-20) 652 280-(7-14) 300-(8 -15) 310-(10-15) 350-(10-20) 400-(10-20) 450-(10-20) 322 322-6 653 230-(6-10) 280-(6-10) 300-(10--15) 659 290-(10-15) 300-(12-15) 350-(12-20) 400-(12-200) 654 350-(8-20)) 400-(( 10-20) 450-(10-20) 660 300-(6-10) 350-(10-15) 400-(12-20) 450-(12-20) 500-(12-20) 655 290- (10-14) 300-(10-15) 320-(10-18) 350-(10-20) 400-(10-20) 450-(10-20) 661 350-(10-18) 400- (12-20) 450-(12-20) 500-(12-20) 656 295-(15-18) 300-(15-20) 400-(15-20) 662 350-(8-12) 400 -(10-15) 450-(12-20) 500-(12-20)

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