What are the home improvement steps and processes in the process of renovating a house?

Nowadays, most owners choose to redecorate themselves after they have bought a house. Because you can decorate your house, you can not only decorate your favorite style, but also enjoy the fun of the renovation process. However, decorating your house yourself is a very hard thing, and sometimes it may be a busy one. So what 's the process of decorating the house ? Here we take a look at the family decoration steps and processes!

What is the process of renovating a house?

The owners can design the outline and style of the house according to their own preferences, but it should be noted that the style must be unified and not too arbitrary. In addition, in the preliminary design, the room should be measured once. Its main contents include: determining the area involved in the decoration process and clarifying the size of the wall surface.

What is the process of renovating a house? Theme relocation, hydropower reform

After entering the construction phase, the theme of the demolition is the first link, including: demolition heating and distribution, change plastic windows, demolition wall, shovel wall hides and so on. The next step is hydropower reform. It should be noted that hydropower reform is the most important link in the renovation. Therefore, the choice of materials for it must not be sloppy, because it will ensure the convenience of life in the future.

What is the process of decorating the house?

Carpentry includes: door, hanging ceiling, making various cabinets, decorative walls, wrapping window covers and so on. Mason includes: the installation of floor tiles, passstones, and marble windowsills. The next step is paint, which mainly includes wall surface treatment, brush finishes, and so on.

What is the process of decorating the house? Furniture wood floor installation

Furniture door floors need to be completed by professionals. What the owners need to do is pick the furniture they need, and then let the professionals install it.

What is the process of decorating the house?

After the completion of the previous project, it will enter this part of the hardware fittings installation. After the hardware is installed, it will have a homelike taste.

What is the process of renovating a house? Furniture appliances come in, cleaning

The last part of the renovation is the arrival of furniture appliances, but also cleaning. Under normal circumstances, new homes can be accommodated for as long as six months.

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