Modern minimalist TV background wallpaper murals purchase background wall design points

When decorating the house, we all pay special attention to the decoration of the living room. The most important thing in the living room is the TV background wall. What do we need to design when we choose the modern minimalist style decoration when choosing the wall design? How do you choose a modern minimalist TV background wallpaper mural? Today, Xiaobian will take a look at the modern minimalist TV background wallpaper murals shopping skills and design points!


Modern minimalist TV background wallpaper murals shopping tips

1, see the color

The TV background wall should be consistent with the living room in the color, not too abrupt, otherwise it will make people feel poor, it is recommended to choose elegant colors, too dark will make people feel heavy

2, select the material

Currently, wallpapers on the market are made of paper, rubber (PVC synthetic wallpaper), natural fibers, metal and fabrics. In home decoration, try not to use rubber-faced wallpaper. The rubber-faced wallpaper has poor air permeability and is not very environmentally friendly. Suggest

Choose materials with good sound insulation and high environmental performance.

3, see the effect

The pattern on the TV background wall looks natural and comfortable. When you buy it, you can see if the pattern is even and delicate, whether the color is natural, or whether the thickness of the mural is the same, and there is no color difference or bubbles.

4, anti-staining

It is also very important to wipe the surface of the TV background wall. If there is a baby's suggestion at home, you can use a wet towel to wipe the wallpaper. If there is discoloration, the quality is not good.

5, smell smell

When buying a product on a TV background wall, it is recommended to use the nose to smell if it has a pungent smell. If the taste is heavy, it means that the harmful substances such as formaldehyde are high. If the taste is slightly similar to the taste of the cockroach, this can be put.

The heart is used.


Modern minimalist TV background design essentials

1, simple and clear

The wall is the place where people often go through the line of sight. It is the focus of the line of sight after entering the door. It is refreshing like a person's face. The current theme wall is getting simpler and simpler, with a simple style.

2, color application

From the psychological effects of color, the effect of color can make the room look bigger or smaller, giving the impression of “bulging” or “recessed”, which can make the room active and make the room feel quiet.

3, lighting effects

Can not do the background wall for the TV background wall, the design of the living room TV background wall paper should pay attention to the overall home collocation, need to cooperate with other furnishings, and also consider the location of the arrangement and lighting effects.

When choosing the material TV background wall design, it is still necessary to choose according to the decoration style of the home. The above is the modern minimalist TV background wallpaper murals shopping tips and design points introduced by Xiaobian today. The end is here. For more information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home.

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