How does a small family home improvement company choose which brand a decoration company has?

For most owners, getting the new house key is a very happy thing, but facing the choice of the decoration company makes them a headache, because now there are a lot of decoration companies, the owners are always worried that the decoration company they choose is not reliable. . Then, how do you choose small-sized home improvement companies and what brands do decoration companies have? Let's take a look together!

First, how to choose a small family home improvement company

1. Visit the site

Regardless of how the decoration company puts itself in order, we must carry out on-site inspections. You can go to the decoration company's decoration site of your own choice to investigate and see how well the carpentry or painting project is done. For example, in this project You can take a look at whether the taste in the inside will be blinked, so as to judge whether the material selected by the small family home improvement company is environmental protection.

2. Look at the decoration offer

Owners should carefully scrutinize the decoration company’s offer to see if it has any obvious missing items and whether they have stated the brand and specifications of the materials used. And we can also put the material brands and specifications they gave on the Internet to search, so we can see that the decoration company's offer is watery.

3. Do not listen to acquaintances

When choosing a decoration company, many people introduced it through friends. Actually, this is not reliable. Maybe your friend feels good. You don't necessarily feel good. If you get entangled, you are too embarrassed to let friends solve it. So everyone Do not simply listen to acquaintances when choosing a decoration company!

Second, what brand of decoration company

1. Dong Yi Risheng

Dongyi Risheng Home Decoration Group Co., Ltd. is a leading brand in the top ten brands of decoration and decoration, the national protected trademark, and domestic home decoration. It is also one of China's powerful home furnishing and decoration groups. It is mainly an overall home improvement solution provider integrating interior design, construction, product support, and franchising.

2. Hirota

Guangtian is affiliated to Shenzhen Guangtian Decoration Group Co., Ltd. It is a large-scale listed company integrating decoration and decoration ten brands, national protection trademarks, CIMC architectural decoration design and construction, and green building materials R&D and production. At the same time, it is also one of the architectural decoration companies with full qualification and high grade.

3. Star Arts

Star is affiliated to Guangdong Xingyi Decoration Group Co., Ltd. It is a top ten brand for decoration and decoration. It is a large-scale decoration and decoration enterprise with a wide network of business operators, a large number of employees and a strong professional strength. It is also the executive director unit of the China Building Decoration Association, an influential enterprise in the national residential decoration and decoration industry, and a national brand enterprise in the residential decoration industry.

Conclusion of the article: On how to choose small-sized home improvement companies and what brands of decoration companies have introduced the relevant knowledge, hoping to give everyone some help. Choosing a good decoration company is very important for every owner, so everyone must be very careful!

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