Accurately determine the best period for pesticide use

Infant young age: It is a young insect with a thin wall at the 3rd instar body, and there are many micro hairs on the body wall. The epidermis of the micro hairy area is very thin, and the medicine can easily pass through this layer. Moreover, at this time, the worm is small, the food is large, the damage is light, the activity field is small, and the resistance to drugs (drug resistance) is weak. Therefore, the appropriate period for controlling pests should be controlled before the peak period of 2 to 3 years old, and some should be used. The control is applied before and after the peak of egg hatching, which can achieve the best control effect.

Sympathetic growth period: For diseases, the growth period of susceptible diseases is the best period for chemical control. If the seedling stage is most susceptible to bacterial blight, it can be mixed with new high-fat membrane and fungicide before planting or sprayed at the seedling stage; and the flowering period is also the peak period of disease infection. Therefore, it should be controlled during the flowering period. Road pharmacy focuses on prevention and control, and the occurrence and spread of diseases.

Weed Sensitive Period: The application of herbicides should usually be controlled during the sensitive period of weeds. For weeds that are seed-grown, the herbicides are more sensitive to herbicides during the shoot and seedling stages. Therefore, this period is often the time for herbicides.

The fasting period of the rodent: In terms of the effective degree of rodent control, the application of the drug lord should be better in the rat fasting stage. Years of experiments have confirmed that the best effect of rodent control in spring is because the winter storage of the rodent is depleted, and the feeding of poisonous cockroaches is more corresponding. At the same time, the rodent in spring can also reduce the cardinal number and protect the normal emergence and safe growth of spring-sown crops. .

Plant safety period: The safety of the pesticide to the plant is a prerequisite for determining the appropriate period of application. When applying pesticides , it is necessary to select the period during which the crop has strong resistance to the medicament, so as not to cause crop phytotoxicity. When using pesticides, it is best to use them together with new high-fat membranes to reduce the amount of pesticides and improve the control effect.

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(Source: China Plant Protection Network)

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