Green-type electroplating equipment is an inevitable trend

Since the two conferences in 2013 once again raised the issue that pollution must be given attention, in recent days, the media has continuously exposed the major pollution status in the country, especially industrial pollution, and in the electroplating industry, there will be a large amount of sewage and heavy metal pollution, solids in the electroless plating process. Waste, acid gases, etc., cause serious environmental pollution, which drives the emergence and development of green industries. The vacuum coating equipment industry has emerged.

In 2012, the total discharge of sewage and heavy metals generated by chemical electroplating nationwide reached 350 million tons, solid wastes reached 41,000 tons, and acid gases reached 23,000 cubic meters. As the vacuum coating equipment was gradually applied to the market, the pollution emissions were higher than in 2011. The decline is still a non-negligible amount of data. To deal with this large amount of pollution, most enterprises have put a total of 586.81 billion yuan in the area of ​​sewage treatment, 46.48 billion yuan in solid waste treatment, and 97.49 billion yuan in acid gas treatment. However, there are still some companies that fail to improve their governance measures and cause a lot of pollution.

The use of vacuum coating equipment for electroplating can effectively improve the pollution. Unlike chemical electroplating, which requires the use of heavy metal solutions and acidic solutions for coating, it is performed by vacuum evaporation or sputtering in the vacuum environment. There is no pollution at all. Green and low-carbon industries that are in line with the strategy of sustainable development, more and more companies have eliminated the old way of electroless plating and switched to vacuum plating. However, many companies do not realize the importance of environmental protection and do not understand that green production is actually Create a wonderful living environment for yourself and future generations.

Green environmental protection industry is an inevitable development trend. Chemical plating that causes serious pollution will eventually withdraw from the stage of history. Instead of vacuum plating, Shenzhen Keweitai Electroplating Equipment Co., Ltd. grasps industry trends in a timely manner and introduces talents, technologies, and equipments in vacuum plating. The parties invested funds, researched and developed, designed a variety of vacuum plating production lines, mastered the key technologies of such equipment, and supported by a technical team. At present, electroplating industry uses vacuum coating mainly plastic parts, such as ABS plastic plating equipment, but the gradual use of vacuum coating machine coating into the mainstream is unquestionable.

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