Furniture trade-in and new pilots bid for multiple parties to compete for sales enterprise qualifications

It’s been another year since I saw it. The business has not even let go of the “Single Day”. It’s the so-called end of the world. There are also home furnishing companies that have “end-of-day promotions”. This year’s situation is a bit special. It is more cost-effective to buy furniture at the end of the year.
In previous years, there were a few years of big price reductions in the past year. The low season of decoration after the spring of March is the lowest price for furniture. At the end of the renovation season, although the promotion is constant, the discount seems to be attractive, but the discounted price is often better than the year. Higher. The products sold at the end of the year seem to have little difference from the beginning of the year, but the merchants have changed a few small parts to become new products, and naturally increase the retail price. This year's situation is reversed. The price of many household products is falling all the way. For example, a laminate flooring of the icon, the price of the year is 80 yuan per square meter, and now it has dropped below 60 yuan.
The store no longer sings the main business of the main business. The promotion is busy at the Bo Royal Centre, a "5 percent carnival" promotion, many products are sold at low prices, including many sofas in the early 1000s. But unlike the promotion by the home store, the end of the year is more of a spontaneous single-player.
What's more, the place where the promotion takes place is not only a relatively remote store like Bohuang, Good Luck (Civil Network Forum), but even in the Pearl River New City, the original price of 2000 yuan in Weijiasi Square. Soft mattresses are now selling for 500 yuan, attracting a lot of consumers who are eating and watching here.
Small manufacturers are arrogant and shy. Relatively speaking, the promotion of small businesses is even more fanciful. At the same time, the words "big sale" attract attention, and there are no less than 30%. The big companies that have always had a lot of discounts have a lot of low-key. Even the promotion is often excused by the warmth concept of “anniversary celebration”, such as the series of promotional activities like the Federal Furniture Lending Anniversary. Most products are 5% off, and the usual discounts. More than 8.5 fold; Meikemeijia also promoted the anniversary celebration, this year's discount fell to 8.8 fold, while the iron price on weekdays is not the same, even last year's anniversary is 9-9.5 fold.
In a well-known store in Haizhu, a well-known children's furniture store posted a poster of “Renovation is in place, the whole game was cleared”. The price of some goods was less than half of the usual price. Some shop assistants said that it was actually If you can't keep up, you will be able to clear the goods, so it will be sold very cheaply. It is an excuse to worry about affecting other specialty stores.

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