Does silicone cause phytotoxicity to pesticides?

Silicone has no particular effect on general acidic pesticides , and does not enhance the effect of the drug, but some alkaline pesticides (such as Bordeaux) will reduce the effect of the drug. Can produce phytotoxicity. Of course, improper use of silicone additives will also cause harm!
The silicone additive can greatly reduce the surface tension of the solution, reduce the contact angle between the droplets and the leaf surface, and enhance the moisturizing, adhering and spreading ability of the liquid on the surface of the plant or the surface of the pest, thereby improving the efficacy. In recent years, the use of such products in actual production has increased. However, while the vegetable farmers are accustomed to fighting drugs and adding silicone additives, they also bring a lot of problems. Among them, the problem of silicone additives is very prominent.
According to the analysis, the silicone auxiliaries can improve the spreadability and penetration of the liquid, and the effect is very good on the vegetable crops such as ginger, green onions and peppers with thick waxy layers. However, if the silicone auxiliaries are used in an excessive amount, the walking speed is slow when spraying, the plant leaves are large in dosage, and the temperature is too high during application or used in vegetables such as legumes with thin waxy layers, which may result in The phytotoxicity occurred. The reason is that the silicone auxiliaries can lead to the "lysis" of the stratum corneum of the leaf epidermis, which results in a decrease in water retention capacity, damage to cells, and ultimately phytotoxicity.
Silicone auxiliaries are good products, but to be used correctly, good results can be achieved. To avoid phytotoxicity, you should pay attention to the following points:
First, pay attention to the use of multiples, do not increase the amount;
Second, the spray can not be too slow;
Third, avoid high temperature application;
Fourth, first test and promote.

Hydrocarbon And Derivatives

Hydrocarbon and derivatives is a general name for hydrocarbons. The Chinese translation of hydrocarbons is often expressed in a combination of elements and simplification. Hydrocarbons take a fire in carbon and hydrogen goes to the head to form a word. The three groups of hydrocarbons are distinguished by the degree of molecular saturation. Alkanes (alkanes) are saturated hydrocarbons and they are unable to accept hydrogen again. Alkenes is a hydrocarbon that is less hydrogen. Alkene molecules can also have more than one unsaturated double bond, so this type of compound includes diene, three ene,... Wait hydrocarbon and derivatives that are more hydrogen deficient than alkenes are called alkynes (alkynes), which contain three bonds.

Common hydrocarbon and derivatives have methane (methane), propane and butane (lighter oil), isooctane, paraffin. High grade gasoline often boasts of isooctane value, which is inversely proportional to the shock caused by combustion of gasoline in internal combustion engines. The name of polyethylene should be paid attention to. Ethylene polymerization is a high grade Zi Wan (the end may have other groups). Many plant essential oils are alkenes. The compound, such as the ramie (limonene, figure two), is the main component of the oil extruded from the peel of orange and grapefruit. The oil produced by the pine tree contains two isomeric pinene (pinene) and a small amount of single compound. The animal liver has the function of making Sha Xi (squalene). It is the intermediate of bile steroids and some sex hormones. Bonds (regular distribution) of the alkenes. Beta carotene (beta -carotene) has a very long conjugated polyene system in which the single bond and the double bond interreplace on the carbon chain, so it can absorb the visible light waves of the part. Acetylene (Fig. three) is the most familiar and simplest three bond hydrocarbon, which can be obtained by the hydrolysis of calcium carbide. Before the electric lamps were popularized, the roadside stalls were illuminated at night for the use of acetylene.

Hydrocarbon And Derivatives

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